Myopia Myths and treatments for short sightedness

With increasing rates of myopia in children (also termed being short sighted or nearsighted), parents are doing more to find out how to best manage their children’s vision. Do eye exercises cure myopia? Can vitamins and time outdoors improve vision? This blog looks at some myopia myths, maybe’s and facts to help you understand your options.

Myopia Eye Health

How you can help your short sighted child

Short-sight (Myopia/near-sight) is affecting more and more children around the world — it is reaching unprecedented levels and has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as a looming public health problem….

Why have I never heard of myopia control?

I both love and hate this question. First, it gives me the floor to preach from my soapbox about the importance of myopia control — slowing down the worsening of childhood myopia — and…

Treatment options for myopia control

Contact lens options for myopia in children

More and more children around the world are becoming short-sighted (myopic). It is a concern for many parents whose children have this eye condition that seemingly gets worse every year….

Atropine eye drops for myopia in children

Once a child becomes short-sighted (also called near-sighted or myopic), their blurred long-distance vision tends to get worse over time. However there are ways to slow down this worsening, called…

Good Near and Outdoor Time habits

Close work and screen time in kids

In one of my previous posts you can read all about the importance of outdoor time in childhood visual environment. In this post I’ll focus in on close up reading,…

How much time should my child spend outdoors?

There’s more to be gained than just the eye health benefits when kids spend time outdoors. This blog will explain why and how from the visual development perspective. The other…