“Our mission is to improve the standard of children’s vision care worldwide through education for parents and eye care practitioners alike in the best practice management of childhood myopia.”

Kate & Paul Gifford, founders of MyopiaProfile.com and MyKidsVision.org

MyKidsVision.org is the public awareness and parent information resource arm of MyopiaProfile.com, which is the internationally trusted go-to information resource on childhood myopia management for eye care professionals. Developed by husband-and-wife optometrist team Drs Paul and Kate Gifford, who are internationally renowned clinicians, researchers and educators in their field, it was first built around a clinical communication tool developed by Kate from 15 years’ experience in her Brisbane CBD practice. Starting as a bulk email to share the tool, then a website, then a Facebook group, Myopia Profile has now grown into a thriving, engaged community of thousands of optometrists around the world, across web and social media platforms, with over 130,000 engagements per month. 

When a child becomes myopic (short-sighted) in childhood, typically their blurred distance vision progresses or worsens every few to several months. Parents can feel powerless to stop the endless changing of glasses. We’ve also learnt from research that the higher myopia gets, the increased risks there are across a child’s lifetime of eye diseases and vision impairment. But there’s something that can be done – myopia can be controlled through proper management with special types of spectacles, contact lenses and eye drops. 

After developing professional educational resources on the topic, Paul and Kate realized that they needed to do more to ensure eye care practitioners were supported in clinical communication – that parents’ FAQ’s could be addressed. They also realized that parents needed somewhere to find quality, balanced information on the topic. MyKidsVision.org was launched in 2016 as a short risk factor survey. A blog with contributions from eye care practitioners all over the world was launched in 2018, and the new look blog launched in 2020. Important topics like guidelines on screen time and outdoor time for kids, as well as information on eye health in myopia and contact lens wear for kids are all included.

My Kids Vision also has a Facebook page by the same name. Please spread the word – the more we get this message out, the better for all short-sighted kids, and for awareness of children’s vision and the value of regular eye exams for kids in general. Together we can improve children’s vision care worldwide.